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Daikin Ceiling Concealed-FDMC-A Series (R32)

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FDMC-A Series is one of the industry’s most compact bodies in the middle static pressure range which comes in extremely low height and is designed to adapt to many application.

  • Product Range: R32 Non Inverter Single Split
  • Capacities: 2.0 – 5.0 hp
  • Refrigerant: R32

High Performance

Utilizes high performance compressors to achieve higher specification. R32 refrigerant properties boost the capacity and efficiency of units for selected models to achieve full tonnage.

New Blow Through Operation

New blow through system platform allows for lower height of ceiling concealed unit and more quiet operation.

Quiet Operation with New Design

New Ceiling Concealed platform with blow through operation provides uniform air distribution and quiet operation.

Easy Installation with Low Height across all models

One of the industry's most compact unit in the middle static pressure range with as low as 250mm height across all models. New Ceiling Concealed is able to fit into ceiling height as low as 260mm.

Easy Maintenance

Designed for easy accessibility to drain pan, heat exchanger coil, blower and motor.

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